Welcome to the 2016 Parade of Republican Statists


Wanna know where the long term embrace of a wildly unbiblical “lesser of two evils” approach to leadership selection leads?

Wanna know how easy it is for anti-Christian corporate/banking elites to steer us straight on into hard core Statism through their production, promotion, and control of The
All-American Political Puppet Show?

Well there’s no need to wonder.

Just have a gander at the gaggle of “conservative” “Christian” “leaders” being paraded about for this season’s run of The All-American Political Puppet Show and all will be painfully revealed.

Last night we got a good look and listen to this season’s crop of Republican “conservative” “Christians” by way of a C-SPAN forum that included all presently announced GOP contenders with the exception of poll-dominating Donald Trump, who said that he wouldn’t attend the event because it “was not worth his time” (which probably only added to his lead in the polls).
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