Weird (Dishonest) Editing on O’Reilly Show


Uh, I just watched my appearance on O’Reilly. My segment was edited slightly. Some things they left out were unimportant, but someone at Fox News edited my last thought and twisted the meaning, to sensationalize it.

Wrapping up my segment, I said, “I’m passionate about this (politics) because I’m gonna die soon, but my kids will be here and I don’t want them to grow up in a Communist country, that kills or persecutes Christians, because I taught them to believe in Jesus Christ.” Something like that. Fox News edited out the reference to my children so it sounded like I was saying I thought I would be killed by the communists in our government. This exaggerated my thought, making me sound paranoid or goofy.

If you carefully listen and watch the video, you can clearly see where they edited.

While this could very well happen in the near future in America, the persecution of Christians, as Dennis Miller validated, (first a government ridicules a people group, in the media, movies, and culture, like Hitler did with the Jews, then they persecute…this is well documented in the history of communist countries…and then they kill them, get rid of the dissenters); I was projecting the possible future of America, not being “ditzy” for show business purposes as Dennis Miller suggested in his segment after mine.

I’ve gotta lose the bow. People don’t take me seriously.

The bow was just to lighten up the seriousness of it all. Doe!

Hey, Fox News…I’m disappointed in you. Editing the way you did to me is dishonest.

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