Weingarten Uses Zimmerman Verdict to Encourage More Racial Bitterness


WASHINGTON, D.C. – You’ve got to hand it to the teachers unions. They will embrace any topic to try to distract the public from the miserable condition of the government education system.

American Federation of Teachers President Rhonda “Randi” Weingarten is a pro at this game. She predictably lined up for the leftist cattle call this weekend to feign outrage over the “not guilty” verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

“It is very disappointing that a racially profiled, unarmed African-American young man wearing a hoodie can be shot dead and there will be no consequences for the perpetrator. This case reminds us that the path to racial justice is still a long one, and that our legal and moral systems do not always mesh,” Weingarten said in a statement.

She insists on perpetuating the myth that race had something to do with the incident.

That myth started when NBC News deceptively edited Zimmerman’s 911 call to imply he was profiling Trayvon Martin.

This was a tragic incident that left a teen dead and several families permanently traumatized. Isn’t that bad enough? Why do lefties like Weingarten insist on pouring racial gasoline on this fire?

“…Our legal and moral systems do not always mesh.” What does that statement even mean?

A jury determined that Martin physically attacked Zimmerman, and the older man likely feared for his life when he made the decision to discharge his weapon.

Would he have reacted differently if his attacker had been white? Is Weingarten suggesting that Zimmerman should have allowed himself to be pummeled, and perhaps killed, because the aggressor was African-American?

Meanwhile, for all of their outrage about this case, Weingarten and the other liberals bloviating on Twitter have been strangely silent about the bloodbath taking place in Chicago.

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