Weiner Still Sexting and Wife Standing by her Philandering Man


I’m not sure which is more disgusting. Weiner and his perverted sexting obsession or his ridiculous wife standing by his side as he publicly humiliates her by talking about his latest philandering scandal.

What is it with women who think they can’t succeed in life without riding the coat tails of a man, no matter how nasty and perverted those coat tails happen to be? Hillary Clinton is another prime example. How many years did she stand by her man as he publicly carried on one affair after another?

Anthony Weiner gave a press conference today in which he said he has had three “sexting” relationships since resigning from office in 2011.

According to Politico, Weiner was asked how many times he had engaged in sexting since resigning and told reporters “I don’t believe I had any more than three.”

This week Weiner revealed that he had carried on an sexting relationship with a woman through December 2012 after a website called The Dirty published photos and excerpts provided by the 22-year old recipient. This is the first time Weiner has admitted there were more such relationships taking place after his June 2011 resignation.

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