Weiner, Spitzer and Davis … “Public Service” Has a Whole New Meaning


Just when one thinks New York City politics couldn’t possibly get any more morally or ethically deficient, one can always count on the political class to prove otherwise.

Anthony Weiner, disgraced, former U.S. Congressman, social media enthusiast and the latest headliner in the New York Museum of Sex, has thrown his shorts in the ring in a bid for mayor … provided that Napoleonic wannabee, Michael Bloomberg, really gives up the reins of nutrition control. Weiner judged that two years of political exile were sufficient to cleanse his record of any taint. He appears to be correct in his thinking. Polls show Weiner to be the Democrat front runner for mayor. He has the backing of 25% of Democrats … somehow, not surprising.

The U.K. MailOnline offered the following, mind-boggling statistics: “A majority of Democrats, 52 %, are positive about Mr. Weiner …The poll showed 49% of registered voters in the city (New York City) now say they would think about electing Mr. Weiner mayor, that is up from 40 % in April. The poll showed 45 % of voters would not vote for him, which is a drop from 52 % in April.”

Oh, just give it a bit more time. In another two months Weiner’s publically-aired, bulging underpants will be nothing but a resume enhancement. But New York clearly isn’t quite done airing its dirty laundry.

On Sunday night, the infamous “client number 9,” debased former New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer, had his fill of purgatory in the outside world. Spitzer, not happy as a vanilla citizen, craved the center ring. He’d had a disastrous run at television. Spitzer’s television career, on CNN and Current TV, was even more dismal than his sojourn in politics.

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