Weeding Out the Socialists: Our Presidential Candidates for 2016


As I have stated many times, the United States does not have the traditional political party divide of Republican, Democrat, Conservative, or Liberal anymore. What we have today is socialists with the same general agenda masquerading as all of the above, with a few Patriots scattered in the mix.

As we have seen with the last election, resulting in a Republican-controlled House and Senate, things in Washington didn’t change at all. The socialist agenda continues, regardless of which party is in control.

What is needed is for all voters who are concerned with the destruction of their country from within to recognize who the socialists are. If we are ever to really turn things around politically, we must vote for candidates who believe in the constitution as the basis of law and uphold traditional American values and morals.

Below is a list of Presidential candidates, identifying those who are socialists or constitutional American Patriots.

The Republican candidates.

(1) We have one from America’s socialist family dynasty, in Jeb Bush. Bush is the former Governor of Florida and was presiding when the hanging chad controversy came up when his brother, George W., first ran for President in the 2000 election.

Jeb is a staunch socialist who believes in open borders, and keeping the agenda going with the Patriot Act and all other anti-constitutional laws and agencies.

(2) Dr. Ben Carson is an accomplished neurosurgeon and recent politician. Carson is not a socialist and believes in smaller government and most constitutional laws.

The only questionable stance Carson has is his desire to make vaccinations mandatory for all in the US.

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