Watch Out for Fake Uber Drivers!


Uber is a wildly popular new business built upon the idea that catching a ride in a clean car should be quicker, easier and less expensive than hailing a dirty cab.  With the touch of a finger, your smart phone app can locate the closest Uber driver and get you to your destination. The company has been a darling of the emerging business models for the new “sharing economy” where folks use their own vehicles to sign up and make some extra money.


You may encounter this service while on a trip to a major city or even in some foreign destinations. It has worked well and is a serious threat to the old, dirty cab model with rude drivers.  But there are some downsides.

In a recent news report from Chicago, people posing as fake Uber drivers notice someone standing along the curb looking as if they are waiting for a driver to show up.  The driver pulls up, says he is from Uber and then promptly robs the unsuspecting victim  (including his debt card and pin #) while inside the car.
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