Michael Brown: A Bully Embraced By Anti-Bullying Liberals?


Liberals in the mainstream media have gone out of their way to portray Michael Brown as an innocent young man abused by a police officer.   He is typically described by the mainstream media as an “unarmed teenager.” Not one media outlet has described Michael Brown as he was on the night he died: an angry, out-of-control, hulk of a man who could rip a police officer’s head off with one hand and who tried to take his gun away from him. They have persistently avoided letting the world see the real Michael Brown—the one who confronted Officer Darren Wilson on that fateful night in Ferguson, Missouri. We probably got some insight into the real Michael Brown when we watched his outspoken step-father inciting arson and looting.

What liberals in the mainstream media did not want the world to know about Michael Brown is that he is a 6’-4” 300 pound bully; a fact he proved to the world on a surveillance videotape that showed him roughing up a comparatively tiny convenience store owner he had just robbed. We now know he also tried to rough up Darren Wilson, a sworn police officer who was in uniform and sitting in a police car when the two first came in contact with each other. In fact, we now know he tried to wrest Wilson’s gun away from him and turn it on the officer. So much for the “unarmed teenager” theory.

Nobody makes more noise about bullying than liberals. I can no longer even count the number of anti-bullying campaigns that have been implemented across the country, many of them financed with federal grants. There is even an annual Anti-Bullying Summit that attracts hundreds of experts every year. This year’s event was held in Washington, D.C. Further, a total of 47 states have now passed anti-bullying legislation. Yet with all of this attention on eliminating bullying, liberals in the mainstream media are willing to look the other way when the bully in question is an angry young black man big enough to be an NFL lineman.

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