The War On Women Hunters


by Tony Oliva

As if guns and hunting weren’t bad enough for rabid liberal zealots, they could at least wrap themselves in the false notion that both were the past times of old white guys. But whenever you ruffle the cocoon of idiocy that progressives like to hide in be ready for the most hate filled, irrational vitriol you can imagine. Progressives can spew that stuff as easy as breathing.

As many have reported, a cheerleader from Texas has been demonized and threatened because she went on safari and bagged some big game. Kendall Jones has had to face the full force of “liberal acceptance” by having death threats sent to her and having liberal scumbag and congressional candidate Mike Dickinson offer her ex boyfriends $100K for nude photos of her.

Looks like the “War on Women” comes from the left. Because if you, as a women, don’t walk lockstep with the left they will literally try to ruin or end your life.

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