War in Syria a Hard Sell


Secretary of State John Kerry gave an impassioned speech to the American people last week, beseeching our citizens to support the administration’s call to action against the Assad regime in Syria. A few days later, President Obama himself went on national television to implore the people of the United States of America to support the Syrian rebellion. He used his talent for oratory to try and assuage fears of more military involvement in the Middle East, and to try and defend the need for an American presence in the region. As it turns out, the war in Syria is a hard sell for the Obama administration.

President Obama also used his speech to announce that, contrary to what his administration had been saying, the President would seek Congressional authorization of any attack on Syria. Many saw the move by the President as a response to Britain’s decision not to take action against Syria – their contention is that with the British bowing out, the President had no other choice but to ask for Congressional approval. In fact, some might say that the President’s last minute decision to ask for approval is simply an attempt to provide himself cover if getting involved in Syria ends up being the wrong call.

However, despite calls to action from both the Secretary of State and the President… most of America seem unmoved.

It’s not completely President Obama’s fault. After more than a decade of war, with little to show for our efforts, many Americans are simply tired of fighting. We have spent much in blood, time, and money trying to make a difference for good in the Middle East, and our compensation has been marginal at best.

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