The War On Christmas


The Left are inventive, and their culture war is unending.

For most of the last decade, they have continued their assault on Christmas. They maintain the use of the word is offensive to non-Christians, and therefore politically incorrect. What a joke.

The Christmas tree is the “Holiday Tree” and “Season’s Greetings” or “Happy Holidays” replace “Merry Christmas”. Christmas decorations in shops and display windows of stores are frowned upon. Funny looks are received from those walking their manicured, prize-winning poodles past your house when they notice your Christmas lights.

Those behind the war on Christmas are urban dwellers who consider themselves the sophisticated gatekeepers of the common good. Awful people without even a trace of the spirit of the season.

Again, rather than leaving a nation whose traditions so clearly irritate them and perhaps moving to another that does not celebrate Christmas, say Iran, perhaps (where their views on feminism, gays and drugs would be most welcome), they remain and have the audacity to try and change their country.

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