If it Walks Like a Dictator, and Talks Like a Dictator…


by Victoria Jackson

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In an incomprehensible jumble of words, attempting to “fix” the messed up Obamacare disaster, Obama said today that he “isn’t going to get in the way” of insurance companies un-cancelling the policies of all the people they cancelled!!! Is he forcing them?! Is this like what he did at GM? Um…that is what dictators do. Anyone noticing this?!

Breitbart.com calls what Obama did today “a frightening claim of a sweeping power that is completely inconsistent with the Constitution.”

Even flaming liberal Howard Dean said, ““I wonder if he has the legal authority to do this…” The answer Howard, is no.

To me, it’s obvious that Obama and fellow communist Jarrett are purposefully setting up policies-that-will-fail in an attempt to crash the system and “fundamentally change America.”

I think he created the huge deficit/health care/insurance crises on purpose so he could swoop in as the government to “save the people.” Then, Americans won’t realize they’ve been duped into complete dependence on the government.

PPP’s (Public Private Partnerships) are BAD. They are seeping in everywhere. This is government interfering with business, messing up the free market, picking the winners and losers! This is the beginning stage of communism.

All the conservative pundits and Tea Party folks knew Obamacare would turn into a “one payer system” meaning complete government control over health care. We knew that private companies cannot compete with government programs and that this is the death of capitalism and freedom.

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