WA Sheriff’s Deputy: We Need Armored Vehicles To Deal With Constitutionalists


A viral video has sparked quite a bit of controversy and protests for the Spokane Valley Police Department.  An event that was held December 7 resulted in a sheriff’s deputy making comments about the use of the department’s new MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle.  He claimed that it was needed to protect against “constitutionalists.”

Just to be clear, according to the Police Department, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Department is a contracted part of the police department.

Concern was voiced that the MRAP made sense in a place like Iraq or Afghanistan, where there is actual mines to be protected from.  However, the question was asked, “But what kind of situation in the US could you see that happening?”

“Well…it’s like you said, we’ve got a lot of constitutionalists and a lot of people that stockpile weapons…a lot of ammunition and they have no weapons here locally,” he said.

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