by Joe Messina

California legislators have once again decided they know best. Instead of fixing our infrastructure, getting our debt under control, and making sure we weren’t the most welfare-friendly state in the union, they come up with another drug induced law called “CVRA,” the California voting rights act (signed into law in 2002). The law, in its simplest form (obviously crafted by the same people that wrote Obamacare,) says that because minorities seem to have a hard time getting elected in local races intervention is needed to make it an almost sure win.

The California legislators decided that because many cities and towns didn’t seem to reflect the demographics of the locals they needed to step in. Let me translate for you. Too many Republicans were winning seats in local elections and they needed to change that.

At this point, the law mostly ensures 2 things;
1.) Attorneys will get rich by simply writing a letter and forcing districts (that they have no real knowledge of) into district-based voting that doesn’t always work!, and
2.) That Chicago-style voting tactics are now legal in California.

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  • CharlieSeattle

    California is a self inflicted financial disaster and sanctuary state for illegal aliens.

    Rot in the cesspool you have made for yourselves.

  • ABBAsFernando

    VILE LIBERAL SCUM care little about others needs.

    • sudsy

      I care about your “need” to turn off Conservative media! Stuck on angry and stupid is no way to be.

  • afanaglenn

    That’s the democrat pledge, OFTEN. That and corrupted voting machines. Now they are saying that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS should be permitted to vote, these millions of illiterate, uneducated, indigent ILEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Obama has seen to it that they are well taken care of, free food, free medical, free phones, free everything. No wonder they are coming in droves. Freebie advertising south of the border is a big attraction. Thanks to Obama.

  • Spoony

    You can Vote your head off but if the voting machines are rigged; you haven’t got a chance in hell!

  • Mark Tallman

    That is why when I worked at Sun Microsystems, with my office in Northern California, I commuted from out-of-state. I also avoided that 10% income tax, as my address of record was NOT in California. So, instead of those liberal morons getting part of something, they got 100% of nothing.

  • Taking care of business!

    Except for the fact that we’ve conscience, maybe the Right should do the same. We’re at a dead-end to stop it. At least it will expose the abuse in the public-arena.


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