Volkswagen Scandal Is An EPA Scandal


One of the laws of the universe is, “Without integrity, nothing works.” Volkswagen will pay a high price, both financially and in terms of market standing, for its deceptions regarding the nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions of its diesel cars. However, it’s important to realize that Volkswagen’s lies were an outgrowth of the much more damaging lies that underlie progressive government and its instrumentality, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA).

Volkswagen should never have done what it did, but VW’s lies were engendered by, and in many ways suborned by, the government’s lies. And, the government’s lies are far more costly and damaging to the nation than anything that VW did, or ever could do.

One of the legitimate functions of government is to deal with economic “externalities.” Externalities exist where economic activities generate costs that are not born by the same people that receive the benefits of those activities. Unfortunately, the EPA’s approach to dealing with the air pollution generated by cars and trucks is based upon a pyramid of lies.

The EPA’s foundational lie is the falsehood that underlies progressivism itself: that “experts” can manage the economy better than can “We, the People,” acting through free markets. Against all evidence and experience, progressivism holds that transferring power from markets to central planners will produce net benefits for society.
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