VA Gov to Bypass Legislature to Change Gun Laws, Just Like Obama


Barack Obama has set the precedent for bypassing Congress and changing laws on his own, even though the US Constitution forbids him to do so. Our Founding Fathers specifically wrote the Constitution in such a way to avoid the executive leader from assuming dictatorial powers, but Obama has ignored our founding and governing document and has assumed the role of Congress in a number of matters.

Following in the footsteps of his hero, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is trying to bypass the state legislature and change an existing law without anyone’s approval. As reported by the Washington Post:

“The NRA accused McAuliffe (D) of breaking the law in blocking citizens from bringing guns into public places such as Division of Motor Vehicles offices and hinted that the battle could play out in the courts.”

“ ‘The law already states where Virginians can legally carry their firearms and Governor McAuliffe does not have the legal authority to change that on his own,’ NRA spokesman Lars Dalseide said last week. ‘This is nothing more than political grandstanding by an anti-gun governor desperate to deliver a victory to the Michael Bloomberg-funded gun-control movement.’ ”

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