VIRAL: Military Veteran Shoots Down Ryan-Murray Budget Bomb


by Michelle Moons

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December 20, retired Chief Master Sergeant Chuck Wooten posted a letter to Congressman Paul Ryan that has now gone viral. His letter was written in response to a year-end fundraising request from Ryan that, not surprisingly, struck a sour note. Right after Wooten and other American veterans had their benefits cut by the Murray-Ryan budget, Wooten was being hit up to contribute his now reduced income to support Ryan, the very man who spearheaded that reduction.

Veterans and civilians viewing and sharing Wooten’s letter online share in the outrage over this bad deal budget and its proponents. The Five on Fox (Fans) Facebook page administrator Sean O’Reilly posted Wooten’s letter on the group’s page and has most recently recorded over 1.1 million views and over 83,000 total likes, comments and shares. The letter is posted in full below.

The Murray-Ryan budget boondoggle, passed by the Senate on December 18, partnered Democrats with establishment Republicans in shameful betrayal of the trust of our military veterans. The ‘deal’ cuts all veteran’s retirement benefits to 1% below inflation until veterans reach age 62, providing an approximately $6 billion budget cut, meanwhile increasing federal spending elsewhere. But veterans, like Wooten, are not standing down from this breach of trust.

Former Congressman and military veteran Allen West wrote in a Dec. 23 Washington Times article regarding the Murray-Ryan budget, “six billion dollars in disrespect to our military retirees is preferable to offending illegal immigrants? Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn released his annual “Government Waste Book” that detailed $33 billion in wasteful spending — apparently more important than honoring those who honorably serve.” West also notes that military retirees will lose $77,000-120,000. He goes on expressing greater offense at, “the breach of trust between those who have and are serving in uniform, and their civilian managers.”

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