Vikings: A TV Series — and World? — Without Real Christians


by Steve Pauwels

The History Channel‘s dramatic series Vikings has just kicked off its second axe-wielding, village-plundering season. It’s apparently a ratings winner, and there’s no denying it’s an example of skillfully crafted, aesthetically high-quality storytelling. Filmed in Ireland, mostly out-of-doors, Vikings is visually compelling, well-acted by an internationally credentialed cast, and reliably boasts engaging plot-lines with dazzlingly brutal battle sequences.

If the writers of this series had more guts and creative ambition, however, and if they really wanted to take the innovative route, they’d feature an occasional Christian character who modeled strength of spirit and integrity. That is, an occasional Christian character who acted like an authentic Christian. Yeah, I get it — over the course of two centuries “the church” has provided its share of hypocrites and weaklings, too often failing to live up to its own luminous ideals. Then again, welcome to the human race.

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