[VIDEO] Voter Fraud 2.0. Hitlery Goons Caught Committing Voter Fraud AGAIN!


AGAIN Hitlery workers are caught committing voter fraud in Nevada. Unbelievable! And what is being done about it? As far as we know, NOTHING!

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas Action are on it, though, investigating and producing videos proving open, blatant, willful voter fraud by Hitlery’s young goons, who actually think it is funny that they are committing felonies, punishable by jail time and $20,000 in fines per violation. Call it the Clinton Culture.

O’Keefe promises that there are many more videos proving blatant voter fraud by Clinton campaign workers. Some of whom, like Susan Berman, the star of Voter Fraud 1.0, which we published a couple of days ago, are traveling from out of state and are obviously being paid to commit voter fraud for the Wicked Witch of Benghazi.

According to Project Veritas Action, “A recent video caught a Hillary Clinton campaign worker in Nevada using pictures of Donald Trump to register voters to vote for Hillary Clinton. The campaign worker was also carrying pro-Hillary Clinton campaign materials while registering voters, which is a violation of Nevada law.



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