Victoria Loves Salam (terrorist sympathizer)


by Victoria Jackson

On the Alan Colmes show yesterday, here is the link, Alan Colmes asked me to prove that Salam Al-Marayati is a threat to America. Below is my research. But first I want to say;

I pray that all the Muslims, including Salam Al-Marayati, who have immigrated to America, whether to escape political unrest in the Middle East, and enjoy our freedom of worship and freedom of speech, or whether to kill us as in 9/11, bomb us as in Boston, or shoot us as in Ft. Hood, or whether they’re here to accomplish “civilization jihad,” and infiltrate our schools, courts, and government in an effort to establish a world wide caliphate and subject every person to Shariah Law; I pray for them, for every Muslim, that God would open their mind, soften their heart, and help them consider the fact that they may have been brainwashed, deceived, or threatened into a false doctrine.

(My American ex-Muslim friend “x” lives in fear of her family killing her for becoming a Christian).

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