Victoria Jackson’s Book, “Is My Bow Too Big?”


(Dave Perkins reading)

Why did I write it? (My book, “Is My Bow Too Big?” available here.)

To educate the uninformed masses who get their news from TV, which is a propaganda tool for the left.

Every day for the last 20 years someone has asked me, “How did you get on SNL?”, “What was it like?”, and “Why did you leave?” So, I thought I’d answer that, lure people into the book with my juicy show biz stories, and then explain how I had a political awakening, why I joined the Tea Party movement, and the difference between capitalism, socialism, and communism (which is now called “progressive” or “collective”); I prove that Obama is a communist, and I explain why America is dying and how we can save it. America is spiritually blind, and cannot see the Truth. We need a revival. (II Chronicles 7:14) I list Old Testament Messianic Prophecies that Jesus fulfilled, and Bible verses that prove Jesus was God. So, at the end of the book, the reader has a lot of meat to chew on.

When I was 18, I asked my Dad who I should vote for and he said, “Anyone with an R next to their name.” I said, “Why? Are they Christians?” He said, “No, but they’re closer to the Bible than the D’s.” That was my political education.

In my 20′s I was on the Update Desk of Saturday Night Live, doing a handstand with a flag on my butt, celebrating the fact that Reagan was in Reykjavik, ending the Cold War, tearing down the Berlin Wall, defeating communism. I felt safe in my country when Reagan was the President.

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