Victim Mentality: Get Over Yourself


It was many decades ago when everyone decided that it was no longer necessary to take responsibility for his or her own actions. Slowly but surely, doctors for mental illness jumped on the “pass the blame” bandwagon. They argued that criminals were “underprivileged” and because of this, they couldn’t help themselves or be blamed for their actions. The bad guys of the world weren’t loved enough; they did not get enough cheerios. They were poor. Nothing was their fault.

This was the first phase.

Now, we have what is known as the “politically correct” way of life. Not only is nothing your fault, but we must also work tirelessly to root out bad feelings and bad things. We must pretend the unpleasant past never happened. People should not be offensive to any group. Bullies must be legislated against, as no one should have to deal with them and the bad feelings they generate.

Of course, up until a few years ago, getting bullied and learning how to stand up and confront them built character. Now, no one wants to have to become a stronger, better person; they just want it all to magically go away—or better yet, let’s make a new law!

Someone somewhere put out the crazy rumor that if we are sweet and get along, everything will be okay. Isn’t that nice? And sure, in a perfect world, it would be nice. However, we live in world where evil exists.

Let’s take the recent travesty of equestrian residue that is the Paula Dean scandal. A long time ago, she said a bad word. A long time ago, many, many people said the same bad word. I thought we had worked together as a nation to change the majority of opinions and make things more equal. Many gave much, but some gave all.

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