Veterans And Families Storm D.C., Tear Down Gates, Reclaim Memorials


by Donald Joy

Large throngs of American military veterans and their loved ones young and old descended on the soggy National Mall today, throwing aside the numerous steel “Barack-cades” which had blocked off our country’s hallowed memorials, and piling them up amid cheers, and amid countless United States and yellow Tea Party/Gadsden flags waving and hoisted high.

Four straight days of almost non-stop rain didn’t thwart the thousands of protesters who coalesced their efforts from two distinct groups, the truck drivers who had planned to shut down the D.C. Beltway over the weekend, and members of the so-callled Million Veteran March scheduled for today.

Both groups’ protests are oriented around putting an oppressive, out-of-control, and failed federal government on notice that “We, The People” are really the ones in charge, and that we can and will, and are, intent on enjoying our God-given liberty, and our nation’s monuments, regardless of how spitefully and absurdly the Obama administration seeks to deny us access to what now are, and always should be, areas open to the public.

Tractor-trailer rigs rolled into downtown D.C., horns blaring, as police vehicles were arrayed to block their paths. Crowds of veterans and citizens formed nearby, with loud shouts for the police to move their vehicles out of the way. Large groups of protesters headed for the White House, carrying numerous black steel barricade gates (or “Barry-cades”–the same ones which had just minutes before sealed off the war memorials) and dumping them unceremoniously outside the White House fence.

Police squads in riot gear formed up outside the White House grounds and throughout the downtown area, however as of mid-afternoon, no arrests are being reported by available sources.

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