Veteran Turned Away by VA told ‘We’re not Accepting any New Patients’


The VA is causing all of their own problems these days, aren’t they? From corrupt administrators who fudge medical records while making BIG bucks, to shoddy service and crappy facilities (even though they take in plenty of tax dollars) and now the VA is literally turning veterans away!

Iraq war veteran Chris Dorsey suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He recently had to transfer his medical services from Athens, GA to the Lawrencville, GA branch, but he was turned away – the receptionist told him that they were no longer accepting new patients. Dorsey was, of course, stunned. Undeterred and in need of medical care, Dorsey then tried the next closest VA clinic in Oakwood, GA – this time though he recorded the experience because he knew that no one would believe that he was turned away from a VA clinic.

How did he know? He had already told his family about his experience at the Lawrenceville clinic and they didn’t believe him! “I told my family about this stuff happening and they’ve said, ‘You are crazy, no one would do that.”
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