VA Whistleblower Sends Urgent Letter to President Trump


A Veteran’s Affairs (VA) “whistleblower” has reported that the VA is on the verge of throwing out “over 500,000” veteran’s applications because of errors made during the Obama administration.

Scott Davis is a well-known VA whistleblower and program specialist at the VA’s National Health Eligibility Center, in Atlanta, Georgia, who has previously testified before Congress.

Davis wrote an urgent letter to President Trump making the nearly-incredulous claim that, unless Trump quickly steps in to intervene, the Veteran’s Administration plans to throw out “more than 500,000” veteran’s applications in March.

According to Davis, the reason the VA wants to declare the applications invalid is that they supposedly contain applicant errors, but Davis claims the errors were, in fact, made by the VA itself.

Davis attached a December email from VA’s Matthew Eitutis that acknowledges 440,000 letters were sent out to veterans asking for “means test information,” when the VA actually needed the veterans to provide “military information and vice versa.”

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