VA Disgrace: Veterans Do Without, Hospital Awash In Tech Toys


by E Pluribus Unum

An investigation by has shown scandalous misuse of government money at the Overton Brooks facility in Shreveport, Louisiana: on the one hand, unseemly extravagance – millions of dollars spent on solar panels, flat-screen TVs, and furniture; on the other hand, patients – veterans who served our Republic – neglected by nurses and aides, and short of clean sheets, toothbrushes, and pajamas.

“It shouldn’t be like this. These are our veterans,” one employee said. “When I saw those solar panels out there and they waste money on things like new TVs that just play (public service) announcements, it really made me angry.”

According to the VA, the department spent $74,412 on 24 flat screen TVs for “patient/employee information” — one 50 inches wide and the others 42 inches. The furniture cost $134,082 and the solar project was approximately $3 million.

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