Urgent: Common Core Must Die Now (great explanatory videos)


by Victoria Jackson


Karen Bracken, tireless local activist, fighting to save our children, explains Common Core in this video. It’s not too late to stop this government takeover of our schools. It is urgent that on the state and local level we fight back and refuse Common Core. These videos explain why.

The Federal Government bribed local schools with money. That is how Common Core arrived in your town. Common Core will;

1) create a national student data base that tracks personal info on every family including income, health, voting records, religion, extra
curricular activities…this data base gives government the power to control individuals

2) have MRI’s in the classrooms to analyze the children’s anxiety levels, and…(?)

3) teach from textbooks that contain anti-American, anti-Christian, pro-socialist, pro-communist, pro-atheist, pro-secular humanist, pro-Islam,
and pro-homosexuality propaganda

4) re-write history (like Orwell’s 1984) to push the progressive ideology

5) begin a system where the workforce chooses the child, the child does not choose his career

6) contain neuropsychological testing

7) lower education standards (as Race To the Top did), the bar is lowered so that everyone passes the standardized tests

8) it’s un-Constitutional

9) affect over 50 million children and their families

10) teach children what to think, not how to think

11) brainwash children into Marxism

12) brainwash each child to think and look alike – “the collective” trumps “the individual”

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