The United States Is a State Sponsor of Terrorism


by J. Andrew Peak

It is official. The United States of America is now a state sponsor of terrorism.

Sound incredible?

Consider this.

Yesterday, the Washington Times reported that Barack Obama, with a stroke of a pen, rendered irrelevant, certain portions of a federal law prohibiting the arming of individuals or groups with ties to international terror.

This action was undertaken in order to enable the transfer of weapons to Syrian rebels.

It is common knowledge that many of these groups have ties to al-Qaeda.

Late Tuesday, the Obama administration pushed back against the idea that they were indeed arming terrorists. In a released statement, they countered that the move was undertaken in order to provide non lethal and other technological assistance to the people of Syria. By the end of the statement, it reads as though this is nothing more than community outreach – a sort of humanitarian effort.

There’s only one problem with that line of reasoning.

Since when has the President of the United States had to waive a law in order to provide humanitarian aid?

Additionally, such assistance is only to be given to groups who are “vetted”.

But what is the need in “vetting” organizations if they are only receiving humanitarian or non lethal supplies?

Additionally, if these groups were fully and competently “vetted” there would be no need to waive the law in the first place. By virtue of the fact that President Obama knowingly and intentionally waived the law, the administration essentially admits two points. First, that indeed they are arming the Syrian rebels. And second, that they cannot fully vet the groups they are arming.

Problems with vetting should come as no surprise considering that the U.S. government couldn’t properly vet Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, the Ft. Hood shooter Nidal Hasan or the Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis. And the government had reams of documents on these persons in addition to whatever the NSA “accidentally” scooped up, via its dragnet of spy programs targeted toward U.S. citizens. Even so, they still couldn’t adequately vet them or connect the dots.

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