Unions for Gang of Eight Immigration Reform — ie, Amnesty!


For the past few weeks Rush Limbaugh has been doing a fantastic job of dismantling the “Gang of Eight” amnesty catastrophe that is being shoved down our throats. From the right, liar Rubio can’t keep his facts or principles straight and from on the left Dingy Reid wants to vote on this bill that “Americans desperately want” simply ignoring the fact that most Americans don’t. The last I read the actual weight of the bill is topping 24 lbs worth of paper and counting. O-care part duex comes to mind. Lets pass it so we can see whats in it because, heaven knows, no one is reading it.

The most logical reason for this, as Rush explains, is the Democrats latest attempt to establish for themselves a new permanent voting bloc. More reasons for more government. We all know for those in Washington that the answer to any failed policy is to make more policy. Ignore the current immigration laws and just make more to suit an agenda. The same tactic that was tried with gun control.

The liberals cry about the uncaring, callous few conservatives’ obstruction of the bill. The liberal has turned into the modern day Pharisee. Decrying their own self righteousness and condemning, border line cursing, anyone who disagrees with their twisted philosophy. Liberals believe they encompass all that is compassionate, caring and for the little people. Disagree with them and watch the hate.

Rush mentioned the corporate interests that are getting behind this bill with the reason to create, or reinforce, a cheap labor force. But on Thursday Rush hit a point, though spent little time on it, about the possibility of unions benefiting from the bill becoming law. I can add facts to this theory. A theory that has more to it than one might imagine and all you need to do is talk to a former union member to get a few insights into it.

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