Unions: Corrupted by Absolute Power


When talking to fellow conservatives, one interesting question to ask them is why they are registered Democrat when they have nothing in common with them. The answer inevitably comes back to Labor Unions. The Union Movement was founded to protect workers, and has a great history in its founding with gaining worker protections, fair wages, and benefits. But now the power has gone too far, and instead of being concerned about workers, Unions seem to be more worried about electing liberals to office. The once proud union history has turned into one of bankrupting companies through ridiculous pensions that no one would be able to pay. Pensions should be outlawed and replaced with retirement accounts, but that’s a story for another day.

Some states have Right to Work laws where union membership is voluntary and you can’t be forced to join as a condition of employment. One of the arguments against Right to Work is that workers enjoy the benefits without paying dues. This is not true. The National Labor Relations Act makes it so unions can represent all, but are not required to do so. If union membership is all it’s cracked up to be, then why in Right to Work states do they have lower unemployment? You would think that pro-choice liberals would like the ability for workers to be able to choose their membership. They can have separate contracts for their members and if their benefits are competitive for the dues paid, wouldn’t members join? There is the true power of the unions as they collect $9 billion in union dues.2 Which in turn seem to be paid out to liberal politicians that frequently don’t have workers best interests at heart.

One of the most outrageous things was Coal Unions supporting Obama. There is no defense for anyone wanting to mine coal to support Obama when he has declared war on coal. It doesn’t make any sense if you want to keep your job. The auto bailout was for the unions since their pension had finally gotten to the breaking point and why the American auto industry has trouble competing. Hostess went bankrupt because of union greed. We’ve seen numerous cities go bankrupt as their unions demanded more and more of the limited city budgets. How are these good for jobs?

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