Unions: Biting the Hand That Feeds


There is little on earth that can approach the absolute arrogance and hypocrisy of a union and the public employee unions are the poster children for that arrogance.

This brings us to the State of Confusion California.

The Bay Area Rapid Transit unions are without a contract. Their last one ran out a couple of weeks ago and the union and BART are having a rather contentious time at the bargaining table. The unions (primarily SEIU) staged a one day strike last week just to make a point that life without BART won’t be fun for San Francisco area Democrats Commuters if BART doesn’t settle quickly, and “settle” means give the unions what they’re demanding.

They had a meeting yesterday and things heated up.

OAKLAND — As anger from BART workers bubbled over during a public showdown Thursday, management and unions were set to return to the bargaining table Friday for the first time since the workers’ strike was temporarily halted.

More than a dozen union workers lashed out at the BART Board of Directors during its regular meeting and vowed to shut down the rail line again if they don’t reach a deal before their 30-day contract extension expires Aug. 4.

“We will be prepared for the war that you all have launched on your workforce,” Roxanne Sanchez, president of the local Service Employees International Union, told the board. Unless the agency changes its stance at the negotiation table, she said, “We will be prepared for the bloodiest, longest strike since the 1970s,” when a labor dispute shut down BART for three months in 1979.

Nice. Well, let’s see just what they’re going to war over.

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