Understanding the Times: Why Donald Trump’s support among evangelicals is growing


(1 Chronicles 12:32) And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment.

With paid mobs rioting in the streets and our federal agencies granting immunity to its own operatives, we must see that this election is the last opportunity for a free America. I do believe that the citizens of our great nation are awakening to the fact that something is wrong!

In response to this populist uprising, the main stream press has no alternative but to manage news cycles in a vain hope to misinform, seek to divide us, and highlight mob activity meant to intimidate us. “Black Lives Matter” is not there to protest injustice, but to intimidate the black community with the same threat of gang violence that keeps the African American community in their progressive paralysis and allow the Democratic Party the ability to defraud their vote. (This is another form of the same extortion that sponsored the war on poverty and has led to the destruction of the Black family and the left’s ability to cull minority numbers through the infanticide of abortion. The forefront of this attack has been an enforcement of Biblical ignorance, and as a result, many now dependent upon government feed their sons and daughters to the crocodile at Pharaoh’s command.)

With record unemployment, terrorists attacks on our home soil and a race war being stoked daily, even the low information voter realizes that the change promised by the administration is not the one they opted for. All that is left for this corrupt administration is to blatantly steal the election to keep out of jail! The media, having failed to hold these politicians accountable, must cover up their malfeasance by reporting polls favorable to Hillary Clinton. They minimize the news of the poor turnouts at her rallies in an effort to make the theft of the election seem plausible. (Remember, they already did this to Bernie Sanders!) In these desperate times, Obama has crafted an executive order in hand to authorize the use of the military on home soil, in case there is a reaction to the voter fraud. Alas, the government so absent in their zeal for civil order when it comes to refugees, protests at Trump rallies and paid mop riots, will suddenly enforce martial law to preserve their own power. This administration is capable of third world strong arm tactics! If, for a moment, you believe that this ruling class will recognize a Donald Trump Presidency and be content to scatter like roaches to their dark recesses, you are not recognizing the times. These are cruel, godless lords that so easily call Mr. Trump a Hitler, while they nurture a NAZI-like ascension to power for themselves.

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