Undermining Economist John Maynard Keynes


I have been writing recently about my proposed Keynes project. I have pointed out that no young economist has taken the bait. Nobody wants to devote a lifetime to refute the central economist of the 20th century.

Murray Rothbard would have done a devastating job on Keynes, but he died before he got to the 20th century. He never wrote the third volume of his monumental history of economic thought. If he had, this would have saved us a great deal of time.

I am a debater. I know how to debate in a formal debate, and I know how to debate in print. I have understood the basics of debate ever since my senior year in high school, when I took a public speaking class, and part of that class required us to do public debates. I learned the techniques by the time I was 17 years old. These techniques do not change.

Anyone who wants to take on John Maynard Keynes had better know the basics of debate. I want to go over the basics here, not on the assumption that somebody is actually going to take me up on the deal, but at least so that you will understand how to deal with people who hold a position that you think is incorrect. You have to think in terms of debate.
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