One of the really ridiculous posts making the rounds in some Christian circles asks, “Would Jesus Discriminate?”

Now, is that not one of the most ludicrous questions a believer can ask? Of course he would! In fact he did so all the time. But since so many believers’ minds seem to have turned to mush, let me first remind them just what we are talking about when we use the word “discriminate”.

Simply looking up the etymology of the word helps us out here. It comes from the Latin word discriminat meaning to ‘distinguish between’. The various forms of the word have to do with dividing, separating, distinguishing, etc. To discriminate then means primarily to make a clear distinction; to distinguish: to choose among the available options.

And guess what? Jesus did this all the time. He was always making distinctions. He was always making divisions. He was always bringing about separation. We find this of course everywhere in the gospels. Indeed, there is so much material here, that I will just limit myself to the Gospel of Matthew, and just offer a few verses – of many – from it.

These verses make it clear that Jesus was constantly making distinctions and bringing about divisions:
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