The Ultimate Christmas Challenge: A Life Changing Experience


By Brittany Pounders
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Thanksgiving is over and many of us have thrown ourselves headlong into Christmas. You’ve already braved the crowds, set up the tinsel and tree, the lights are up outside and you are marking things off of your children’s list! I’m as excited as anyone as it’s my favorite time of the year. But, this Christmas I want to challenge you to think outside of your four walls. I want to give you the opportunity to experience a life changing event, the ultimate Secret Santa experience, similar to the experience we had as a family last year and one that left a deep impact on the hearts of me, my husband and my children.

Christmas though, for many families this year, is not an exciting time. Many mothers and fathers are putting their heads on their pillows exhausted with the thoughts of how they are going to make it until the next paycheck. For those parents, who love their children as much as we love ours, Christmas can be terrifying because every parent wants that morning to be a magical experience for their kids. When in reality, for so many these days who are overwhelmed with just figuring out how to keep the lights on for another month- providing anything “extra” for Christmas seems almost insurmountable.

Many of you are givers. My husband and I have always been believers in the Biblical principles of tithing and giving to various ministries that are close to our hearts. We’ve practiced that since the beginning of our marriage and made it a priority even during times that we’ve had very little and it was a stretch for us to do so and in the times we’ve had a lot and it was easy. And, during Christmas we’ve always “written” a check with a little extra something for various outreaches to touch and help people in our community.

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