Ukraine Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better


by Patrick O’Brien

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Despite the fact that the media has taken its eyes off of the crisis in Ukraine, the situation actually continues to worsen. During the end of my last show of this past May, I made the prediction that by the time I returned on the air Ukraine would either be in a full civil war or Russia would launch a full invasion, or perhaps both. Since then we have seen a successful Presidential election, with Petro Poroshenko beating out a field of other candidates. We have also seen Russia pull back some of their troops from the border and attempt to hold peace talks with the Ukrainians and the United Nations, along with President Poroshenko calling for a cease fire within the nation. From the standpoint of the rest of the world, it looked like things were improving in Ukraine, looks can be deceiving.

The United Nations is now estimating that at least 356 people have been killed in Ukraine since May 7(just after my last show). The worst attack came late last week when a Ukrainian military transport plane was shot down in the Eastern region, killing all 49 soldiers and crew members on board. Early reports indicated the weapons used were supplied by the Russians. Although Russia had pulled back some troops, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen is now claiming that those troops are returning to the Ukraine-Russia border, fueling the growing fire. I stand by what I said before, Ukraine will get worse before it gets better, and here is why:

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