If Ukraine had the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama would be falling all over himself with support


by Allen West

Lately, folks have been asking me what I would do about the situation in Ukraine. First, of all I wouldn’t find myself in the current situation because I would have studied a fellow like Vladimir Putin and taken him for his word.

It was Putin who stated his greatest disappointment of the 20th century was the collapse of the Soviet Union. Therefore, I would have certainly war-gamed out his potential courses of action in order to develop a proactive policy – and I certainly would not have expressed my “flexibility” to him.

The first thing is to take an offensive diplomatic approach using a strong military as a deterrent — something we have not done. I would not have cancelled the missile defense shield program back in 2009. As the situation exists today, I would have immediately, after Putin’s Ukraine aggression, reinstated the missile defense shield.

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