by David L. Goetsch

As the Russian bear mauls the enslaved people of the Ukraine with its massive claws, President Obama has issued another in a long line of empty threats. Oh sure, he has sent a few American jet fighters to the region, but they are just to monitor events, not to fight. Obama is like the kid who, while quaking in his boots, tells the playground bully, “You better stop or I’ll…” and then never finishes the statement. Why? Because the scared kid knows he is not going to anything but make idle threats, and the bully knows this too. In fact, they both know there is nothing the scared kid can do. In essence, the bully has free reign to do whatever he wants and nobody is going to stop him.

Like the playground bully, President Putin is not impressed or deterred by empty threats. He is impressed by one thing and one thing only: military power and the willingness to use it. What is sad is that he knows that: 1) President Obama has stripped the U.S. military of its power through on-going budget cuts leaving it too depleted to respond effectively to Russian aggression; and 2) President Obama does not have the backing of the American people who view him as clueless in military matters. Putin knows these things, our European allies know these things, and down deep even Barack Obama knows these things—though he would never admit it.

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