UK Couple Visits US Gun Passion


by Jan Morgan

Not long ago, I was approached by a man and woman from the UK who wanted some training and the chance to shoot guns. They were in the United States on vacation and one of the items on their vacation list was to find a certified instructor and have the once in a lifetime chance to “experience what it’s like to be American for a few hours with the legal right to shoot rifles and guns.”

They told me that in the UK, they could not own guns and they really did not understand this “passion” Americans had for firearms and shooting since, (in their words) “guns are dangerous tools of violence and kill people.”

Wow… Those of you who know me, know how well that statement went over. 🙂

I quickly corrected them by telling them that actually, “Guns save lives.” In fact, 2.5 million times last year, law abiding citizens in this country used guns in self defense situations and saved lives… and… that 90 million gun owners in America with over 300 million guns, killed no one last year.. I stressed that gun ownership by law abiding citizens actually decreases crime and mentioned that a study published in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy discovered that nations that have more guns tend to have less crime.

I rounded out that little lesson by putting a loaded gun on the range counter in front of them and explained to them that this gun can’t DO ANYTHING WITHOUT THE ASSISTANCE OF a human being handling it.
Point of that lesson: People…. not guns… are killers and people who want to kill can use any number of objects to accomplish their mission.

Of all the instructors in this country for this couple to select for their training, John and Susan (not their real names) had no idea that, in addition to being an NRA and State Certified Instructor, I am probably one of the most outspoken of gun rights advocates/activists in this country and even further right than the NRA on the issue of Gun Control Laws. ( I believe the 2nd Amendment stands alone. I do not support ANY FORMS of infringement including background checks, carry permits, or the government determining who is and is not fit medically to own a gun.)

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