UC San Diego debuts its ‘undocumented student services center’


At the rate the University of California at San Diego is popping up in news stories, the school is going to require a blog of its own. On the heels of reports that students at the university were required to strip naked for course final and a topless on-campus rally to commemorate “Free the Nipple” Day comes word that UC San Diego has unveiled an “Undocumented Student Services Center.”

The center, the College Fix notes, is designed “to help students in the country illegally obtain access to taxpayer funded financial aid and other benefits.” (UC San Diego, like other schools in the University of California system, is a public university.)

The center also hosts workshops, one of which held yesterday taught “zen” relaxation techniques to help “undocumented” students “cope with stress just in time for finals.” No word on whether coping strategies were available for “documented” students suffering with text anxiety.
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