U.S. Workers Fired and Forced to Train Hundreds of Immigrant Replacements!


In yet another example of the globalist, America-hating agenda being facilitated and encouraged by the Obama administration, American workers at the Carnival Cruise Line corporation are being fired before Christmas so that they can be replaced by low-cost immigrants and have to train them!

As reported by Breitbart News,

“I am still processing my emotions and my disbelief,” said Matthew Culver, a senior Miami-based IT worker with Carnival. “After twenty years in the industry, this is one of the hardest things I have had to deal with. I never thought this could happen to me after so many years of experience, education, and hard work,” he told Breitbart NewsWe were informed that 200 to 300 of our jobs were being terminated and we were offered jobs with an outsourcing company named Capgemini.  Our last day with Carnival would be February 3rd.  We are going to be training foreign workers inside and outside the United States to take over our jobs; then we are not guaranteed any future with Capgemini.  The workers are in Florida, California and Washington State.  We must decide by December 19th if we plan to train our foreign replacements and work with the outsourcing company in their goal of offshoring the jobs.”

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