Why Are U.S. Textbooks Suddenly Pushing Islam?


by Victoria Jackson

On Nov. 4 and 5, 2013, passionate parents like Julie West, laden with facts, testified to the TN Senate Education Committee, continuing a six month battle over the “anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-Israel and anti-American” textbooks currently being used in Tennessee schools. These parents/grandparents are heroes. They care.

U.S. textbooks are now biased toward Islam…at the same time that Christianity is under attack! And, this TN court battle happens to take place the same week a known terrorist-affiliate, Jamal Badawi, is invited to speak at the new Murfreesboro Mosque in TN. (Story here.) What’s going on?! A similar story from FL was on Fox News tonight.

Is this the trickle down effect of a President who praises Islam (story here) and disses Christianity on a regular basis? Has Islamic Jihad ramped it up a bit? Has the stealth jihad, civilization jihad, sped up because of a Muslim-ring-wearing, Muslim-raised President? Or is the Islamic infiltration that has been quiet for the last 20 years finally reached phase II in the Caliphate process. (Story here.)

TEXTBOOK APPROVAL PROCESS? Who is responsible for this? The College Board? David Coleman, the creator of (Marxist) Common Core?

Senator Dolores Gresham was there at the Tuesday hearing “attempting to suspend the usage of questionable textbooks” and “address reforming the textbook adoption process due to the inaccurate and biased textbooks from publishers like Pearson Publishing.”

Who is Pearson Publishing? Are they getting paid off (bribed) by Muslim Brotherhood front groups like C.A.I.R.?

Laurie Cardoza Moore, President of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations, lead the agenda in court Tuesday, “requesting that the Commission remove all Pearson textbooks from consideration for the adoption process because of integrity issues, a concern that has included the inclusion of markedly anti-Semitic materials.”

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