U.N. WANTS TO TAKE YOUR GUNS: Eighty Million Gun Owners Should Just Say “NO”


by David Risselada

I want to talk about the U.N. Small Arms Treaty. I have a written a couple of articles about it before, but in light of some recent developments, like the EU calling for the ratification of the treaty among European Union states for instance, it may be time to discuss it again. Also, let’s not forget the U.N. just issued resolution 2117, which calls for member states to collect civilian arms and destroy them. My friends, you only need to look at Australia, Canada and Britain to see that civilian disarmament is their goal.

To truly understand what is at stake here you simply need to look at the state of the country and how the left uses propaganda to distort everything. My friends, provisions are written into the treaty which authorizes the United Nations to act as peace keepers within the borders of “conflict areas.” What is happening here in our country? The United States could very well be considered an “unstable” region in the event of an economic collapse. The fact that many Americans are vigorously standing for their second amendment rights while it has been written into policy that doing so makes you a terrorist, could be all the excuse the U.N. needs in the event of this treaties ratification. Escalating tensions over the erosion of our constitutional rights could very well see the deployment of U.N. troops to deescalate tensions, and disarm so called “hostile” parties. That would be the patriots defending liberty of course.

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