Two Americas, One Future: The Choice is Yours


by Luke Hamilton

Our nation is suffering from multiple-personality disorder. The identity and history of the United States has been revised and rewired to the point where those who speak with authority on the grounds of historical scholarship are laughed off the stage in favor of those who speak with the heart of a revisionist and the scorn of an Alinski disciple. Indeed, they have proven Saul right.

Mockery is a powerful weapon when your audience is comprised of low-information citizens.

Personally, I believe someone like David Barton or Mark Levin could hold their own against any number of Howard Zinn-types, but their efforts would be lost on a great swath of Americans today. There is less regard for a verifiable, historical position than for history which fits a desirable emotion. Feeling good about our history seems to be more important than being accurate about our history.

The requisite emotionalism of modern Leftism refuses to play second fiddle to historical scholarship and an increasingly apathetic populace gives a collective “meh” in-between episodes on the boob tube. So Thomas Jefferson becomes a Muslim sympathizer, George Washington becomes a gleeful slave-owner, and the Democrats become the party of civil rights.

I don’t know about you, but I feel better already, comrade!

Recently, Mark Levin has been speaking about the existence of Two Americas. One America desires the redistributive suffocation of a massive Federal leviathan which will provide and control everything; and one America desires to be left alone. One America understands that hardship is a very real possibility yet is not willing to trade their liberty in the hopes of ameliorating failure. And one America holds their liberty so cheaply as to give it away for a bowl of hot stew across a campfire. One America is a gaping maw whose belly knows no satiation and whose ignorance knows no shame. The other America refuses to take anything for which they didn’t toil, yet willingly opens their homes, wallets, and hearts to help alleviate suffering in their community.

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