As Turkey Quietly Invades Syria, The Major Players Sharpen Their Swords.


A globally and historically significant event occurred last Wednesday, and the mainstream media seems to have not noticed. Go figure.

Turkey’s invasion of its sovereign neighbor, Syria, further complicates an already mind-numbingly complicated Middle East, where allegiances shift like the desert sand.

The winners in this new escalation appear to be no one, the losers many, especially the Kurds, who have been America’s greatest regional ally in this basket of snakes, and who have now been thrown under the camel train by Barack Hussein to appease his pal, Turkish President Recip Erdogan, who invaded his neighbor under the guise of fighting ISIS. Yet the rest of the world knows that his real aim is to destroy the Kurds and replace secular Assad with an Islamist regime.

Now the Russians are left with only Assad as its ally, and find themselves militarily opposed to the United States, which, as Powdered Wig reported last week, has already warned Syria and Russia that any area of operations where there are US troops or its allies (including terrorist allies) is a no fly zone for them. An incredibly stupid and dangerous provocation!

I think Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin should agree to simply watch the proceedings carefully until Trump is inaugurated, then ally to destroy ISIS, return Assad to power, and depose the Islamists who have been the source of all of the trouble from the beginning.

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