Trump’s Popularity: What the Other Republicans Better Learn


Donald Trump is the most important candidate in the ever-growing field of Republican presidential hopefuls, and the other candidates need to quickly learn why. It’s not because he is leading in the polls and not because he is going to win the nomination. He is leading for now but he won’t win the nomination. Trump leads not because Americans want him to be president but because his unapologetic candidness is a breath of fresh air in world of politically-correct doubletalk. Frankly, Americans are tired of politicians who tiptoe around important issues with just one goal in mind: do not under any circumstances offend anyone. Someone who speaks his mind and doesn’t apologize for doing so is a welcome addition to the Republican field—something the Republicans have not had in a long time.

Trump’s candidacy serves an important purpose because he disdains politically-correct doubletalk and is willing to give voice to things that many Americans think but lack the forum to actually say. Trump says things that the other Republican candidates would like to say but won’t out of fear of offending. While his 15 Republican rivals tiptoe around touchy political issues and choose their words carefully, the Donald loads both barrels, speaks his mind, and lets the chips fall where they may. Then, when politically-correct panderers and mainstream media mavens attack him, rather than following the usual routine of issuing a tearful apology the Donald goes on the offensive and attacks back. For a lot of Americans his approach represents a refreshing change of pace. His message is the same message a lot of Americans would like to broadcast loudly and often: “If you are offended, too bad. Suck it up—life is tough.”
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