Trump’s Plan, Alliance with Sen. Sessions Reveals Much More than Meets the Eye


Donald Trump’s critics have brushed aside his seemingly bullet-proof lead over the other presidential contenders, asserting he is not a serious candidate because he has no clear policies. He seemed to have stumbled, early on, into an illegal-immigration statement that electrified GOP voters, desperate for a politician who’d take on the issue, as they saw their country overrun by millions of illegals and watched nightly reports of murders some had committed.

GOP voters sat impotently as the president unlawfully handed some 4 million of them residency, work permits—even likely tax refunds. Congress’s response was to fund the president’s act.

Woe to the candidates who have not spoken out before, fearing to “lose the Hispanic vote”—a myth spun by Democrats and demented advisors. Trump’s seat-of-the-pants campaign apparently ended today and became a juggernaut, when he issued a six-page policy paper giving specifics—and those specifics are precisely what millions of Americans believe.

The Trump campaign suddenly has a distinct aura of “inevitability” about it. More’s the pity to Ted Cruz, who’s been fighting several of these issues for a long time.

Three simple principles leap off the first page:
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