Trump took 5 – Surprised?


Liberal crybabies, Primary results, & Legalizing discrimination

Students at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst set a new high for hysteria Monday night at an event featuring Conservative speakers. Protesters shouted obscenities trying to silence the speakers, saying they espouse “hate speech.” Hmmm… what do you call obscenities? And if you don’t like what they’re saying, why did you come to a voluntary event? Just leave. Or better yet, stay home!


Libertarian pundit, Michael Hausam from HausRules talks about tonite’s Primary results.

We were promised that substantial change would come with a Republican House & Senate. Without those changes, the base is ready to light the house on fire to clean up and start over.

People are FURIOUS because they don’t understand the Presidential election process of delegates. It’s not a popular vote. It’s a Republic.

The basis of society starts with the individual. The government regulating for a minuscule portion of the population is unnecessary.

If you want to open a business that discriminates, you should be allowed to. The marketplace will sort it out. Be prepared to deal with the picketing.


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