Trump May Release Iran Nuke Deal Docs Obama Hid Because They Embarrassed Him


According to the Daily Beast, private files outlining hidden agreements made as part of the Iran nuke deal may be released by President Donald Trump as one of his first actions in office.

Senior officials who will be part of the Trump administration are already discussing what so-far-unseen information about the Iran agreement will be made public after January, according to an individual who has participated in those conversations.

Last month Bloomberg View reported the Trump team was looking at declassifying and releasing potentially “embarrassing” Iran nuke deal-related documents that the Obama administration had made classified, including documents linking Iran to Sunni terror groups and outlining cash transfers to Iran.

Earlier, Bloomberg described other potentially embarrassing documents that the administration classified to save face, including an intelligence assessment written to excuse the U.S. collapse on Iran disclosing past nuclear work, which began by imagining a world in which Iran will fully cooperate with the deal for the next 20 years.

But there are dozens of other Iran nuke deal-related documents which are not even secret, much less classified, but which the Obama administration has nonetheless refused to release. There are broad suspicions those documents contain embarrassing concessions to Iran: both additional U.S. obligations and exemptions for Iranian obligations. As a practica; matter, it would be straightforward to release those items. Politically speaking, however, the outgoing administration has consistently had trouble explaining why the public shouldn’t see them.

Apparently there is a growing momentum in Trump circles and across Congress to release those unclassified documents early in the next administration.

Their release would be celebrated by the lawmakers who opposed the agreement, especially those who opposed it feeling that Congress and the American people were forced to vote without all the information they were promised. Some of Donald Trump’s cabinet members have been complaining about the lack of transparency about the deal — among them Michael Flynn, who will be national security adviser, and Mike Pompeo, Trump’s choice for CIA director. Continue Reading

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