Trump Exposes the False Narrative of the Left on Racism in America


“The word ‘racism’ is like ketchup. It can be put on practically anything—and demanding evidence makes you a ‘racist.’”  —Thomas Sowell

Mexico Sends Its Disenfranchised People Northward

Mexico largely fails in its responsibility to aid its citizens in developing new job skills, refuses to take proper care of its mentally ill population, and does not do enough to make sure that it is incarcerating its most violent felons.  Although the Inter-American Development Bank has helped to some extent with financing job training programs, like the recent 300 million dollar loan to the Mexican government, this kind of measure is probably only being taken due to economic distress within the United States.  When it comes to caring for the mentally-ill, Mexico’s help is limited, insufficient, and, in many cases, bordering on the barbaric.  And about two-thirds of Mexico’s prisons are now controlled by their dangerous inmate populations, a serious matter that needs to be resolved.

So, what does Mexico do, to solve many of the societal ills that plague it?  Mexico encourages its disenfranchised people to travel northward.  It is much cheaper and easier to encourage workers to go to America for jobs and medical care.  And, if you can manage to have a baby in America, the current US policy is one of enabling the entire family to receive food stamps and other benefits, far in excess of anything Mexico offers.  If a family member is mentally ill, establishing yourself in America may well lead to free care for your mentally-ill family member.  And Mexico will not police its border, even against drug smugglers.  Mexico finds it cheaper by far to allow drug dealers and cartel members to get caught and incarcerated on the other side of the border in the United States.  Mexican governmental policies, therefore, promote migration northward.  There is no question about this practice.

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